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Converting .pcap to .csv using

October 06, 2020

PCAP files are mostly used to store captured network traffic, but they aren’t the best for doing analysis. Hence the first step before doing any analysis is to convert them to CSV format yet there isn’t a standard or a simplified way to do so, hence I am sharing what I have scavenged from the web while doing my project which was Implimenting the paper Deep Packet: A Novel Approach For Encrypted Traffic Classification Using Deep Learning

This method has been tested on Ubuntu and should work on any other linux platform.

Install argus via terminal

sudo apt-get install argus-client

Convert .pcap to .argus file format

argus -r filename.pcap -w filename.argus
-r <FILE> Read FILE
-w <FILE> Write FILE

Convert .argus to .csv file forrmat while choosing which features to extract

ra -r filename.argus -u -s <features-comma-seprated>

ra -r filename.argus -u -s rank, stime, ltime, dur

-r <FILE> Read FILE
-u Print time values using Unix time format (seconds from the Epoch).
-s Specify the fields to print.

The list of available fields to print can be found here. After selecting your required set of fields this indeed is a very short and effective way of converting .pcap to .csv for further analysis which in my case was Deep Learning

Hope this helps you :)

Written by Jai Kumar Dewani who is still figuring out and developing his interest in development :p. Pretty active on twitter, follow me at @jai_dewani